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Ethiopia Haru Suke V60 (3-in-1 brew)


Grind Size: EK 10.2

Temperature: 92°C

Dose: 20.0g

Ratio: 1:8

Time: 2:10min


Pour 40g water, wait 1 min

Pour to 120g → 160g

Prepare your Hot brew with the ratio below, and transfer the rest of your brewed coffee into an ice bath for a few minutes. This cools the coffee down and ensures that the ice doesn't melt too quickly for the iced drinks.

  1. Hot: 30g brewed coffee + 15g hot water
  2. Iced: 30g brewed coffee + 15g ice
  3. Shaken with Ice: remaining brewed coffee + 1 large ice cube, shake!


Body: medium
Acidity: medium
Sweetness: medium
Flavour: Winey, peach, floral