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Ethiopia Shaakkiso Tima Aeropress Iced Filter


Grind Size: EK 10.4

Temperature: 92°C

Dose: 15.0g

Ratio: 1:8

Filter Paper: 2 pieces


Use inverted method with plunger halfway pressed in

Pour 35g water, swirl it, wait 50s

Pour to 120g

At 1:30min, stir vigorously for 30s, then leave it to steep for another 30s

At 2:30min, flip it over and plunge slowly, this should take around 40s

Add ice in, or you could shake it with ice for a creamier/heavier brew


Body: medium
Acidity: bright
Sweetness: light
Flavour: Bright acidity of lime and peach, floral notes, and a bittersweet chocolate finish