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Ethiopia Shaakkiso Tima Moka Pot

Grind Size: EK 2.4

Temperature: Start with 100°C water in the base of moka pot

Dose: 16.5g

Time: 3:05min



Add hot water to the base of the moka pot
Add coffee grinds into the basket and assemble moka pot carefully (it's hot!)
Place over the stove with the lowest heat setting
First drop of coffee should appear at 2:05min
At 2:50min, quickly remove the moka pot from the stove and turn off stove
Let it continue flowing slowly and it should end at 3:05min
Add 1:1 ratio of water into your coffee for a filter-like consistency
Body: medium
Acidity: mellow
Sweetness: high
Flavour: Rounded and sweet, silky texture, peach tea and melon sweetness