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Guide to Coffee Drip Bags

What are Coffee Drip Bags?

Coffee drip bags are little porous bags containing coffee grounds, with hooks to hang onto the rim of your coffee mug. In goes your hot water, and out comes your beautiful cup of coffee. Simple and tasty!

Each drip bag contains 12.5g of ground coffee and yields 150 - 180ml of filtered coffee, depending on how you brew it.

Drip Bags are recommended for filter-style black coffee.

Cup Size Matters!

For best results, we recommend using a tall cup so that your drip bag (coffee grinds) is not submerged into your coffee during the brewing process. This ensures that your coffee is evenly extracted.

That said, you could intentionally submerge your drip bag during the brewing process to increase intensity! Do note that soaking the paper part of the drip bag may contaminate your brew with some undesired flavours. 

Equipment Needed

Basics for Good Coffee

Just a kettle and a cup is all you need!

Some Extras for Better Coffee

  • Weighing Scale so you know exactly how much water you are pouring in.
  • Timer so you know how long you are brewing your coffee for. 
  • Gooseneck Kettle so you can better control the flow of hot water.

Basic Instructions

Note: If you are using a regular kettle, try to pour as gentle and slow as possible!

1. Tear/Cut open the drip bag.

I prefer cutting it with a pair scissors to avoid spilling the coffee grinds. 


2. Place it over your mug.


3. Start your timer and pour 25 - 30g of hot water over the coffee grounds. Wait for 30 seconds. 


4. Slowly pour another 150 - 160g* of water over the coffee grounds. This means that the total amount of water used in this brew is 175 - 190g.

Tip: use less water for a more intense brew, and more water for a lighter brew. 


5. Let it drain completely, discard the drip bag and your coffee is ready!