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Flip Coffee is all about sharing! There are only recipes, no secret recipes. For more personalized coffee help, feel free to reach out to us.

These recipes work the best with coffees that are rested at least 7 days from the roast date.


Guide to Coffee Drip Bags

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    Brazil Sebastian Brinate Microlot


    1:2 Ratio Espresso: Medium-heavy bodied, balanced, sweet finish

    1:1.7 Ratio Espresso: Medium bodied, light acidity, creamy body, super sweet lingering finish


    V60: Medium bodied, clean, low-acidity

    Aeropress "Iced Latte"

    Drip Bag

    Hot Drip Bag Brew: Medium bodied, smooth, low acidity, sweet

    Brazil Fazenda Caxambu


    1:2 Ratio Espresso: Med-heavy bodied, medium acidity, low-medium sweetness (recommended for espresso/long black)

    1:1.4 Ratio Ristretto: Medium bodied, medium acidity, medium sweetness, intense and creamy (recommended for white)


    V60: Medium-bodied, balanced acidity, chocolatey, nutty

    Colombia Luis Toro Microlot (Medium Dark Roast)


    1:1.3 Ratio Espresso/White: light-medium bodied, caramel biscuit sweetness, hints of red apple


    V60: medium bodied, bright and juicy acidity, caramel biscuit finish

    V60: medium bodied, rounded acidity, sweet dark caramel, silky texture

    Drip Bag

    Hot Drip Bag Brew: medium-heavy bodied, juicy apple acidity, sweet caramel finish, smooth texture

    Ethiopia Guji Shaakkiso Tima


    1:2 Ratio Espresso: Med-heavy bodied, juicy, sweet, floral


    V60: Medium bodied, juicy acidity, light sweetness, oolong tea finish

    V60: Medium bodied, extra sweet and syrupy, notes of peach tea, melon and longan

    Clever Dripper: Medium bodied, balanced, sweet and pleasant acidity

    Aeropress Iced Brew: Medium-bodied, bright acidity, balanced with bittersweet chocolate finish

    Moka Pot: Sweet and rounded, medium-bodied, silky texture, notes of peach tea and melon

    Drip Bag

    Hot Drip Bag Brew: Medium-bodied, peach acidity, melon, light chocolatey finish

    Indonesia Sweet Lakshana



    1:2 Ratio Espresso: Med-heavy bodied, intense brown sugar sweetness, winey, notes of banana cake and hot cocoa


    V60 Iced Brew: Med bodied, very juicy, sweet, and refreshing

    V60: Medium bodied, balanced acidity, sweet and winey

    Aeropress: Medium bodied, juicy and balanced acidity, sweet and smooth

    Kenya Mufasa



    1:2.1 Ratio Espresso: Juicy & jammy, balanced, medium bodied, medium sweetness (recommended for espresso/black)

    1:1.4 Ratio Ristretto: Jammy, intense sweetness, medium-bodied (recommended for white)


    V60: Intense sweetness, winey, balanced, medium-heavy bodied, notes of currants, grapes and blueberries

    V60 (Low Temp): Medium bodied, sweet, refreshing, notes of blueberry, peach and blackcurrant

    Drip Bag

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