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Colombia El Diviso Aji

Colombia El Diviso Aji

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  • Coffee details

    Region Huila
    Varietal Aji
    Elevation 1750 masl
    Process Washed
    Notes Pomegranate, Osmanthus, Goji Berry
  • Background

    Another rare one, Aji varietal. We’re super stoked to be able to launch this one.
    At ages 23 and 25 years old, Nestor and his brother, Adrian, are some of the youngest players in the game right now! They partnered with a fellow son-of-a-coffee-farmer, Jhoan Vergara, to create the farm known as Finca El Diviso, in Huila Colombia. This is where they grow many varietals, including rare and new varietals like the Aji and the Ombligon. Though their parents were commodity coffee farmers, the pair have taken a profound interest in specialty coffee production, partly due to its potential for real economic development - but also because they each have a passion for coffee production in general and experimental processes in particular.
    After being handpicked at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are floated to remove lower-density beans before undergoing 24-32 hours of anaerobic fermentation in sealed plastic bags. Then, they are removed and pulped into a hopper for oxidation for six hours. The mucilage is collected so that it can be reunited with the cherries as they undergo a second round of fermentation for 28-32 hours, after which time they are washed with hot water (cue the thermal shock) and spread out to canopy-dry for 16-25 days.
    Coffees from Diviso carry an iconic flavour, testament to Nestor and Adrian’s hard work. They are known for their ability to produce big and obvious fruity flavours, attributes that shine both in a coffee shop’s context as well as on the competition stage.
    The Aji presents itself in layers, whilst still being able to come across with a clean profile. Upon the first sip, we get the sweet florals of osmanthus coupled with the vibrant yet complex notes of goji berry. This then leads to the refined and round sweetness of pomegranate. A very enjoyable cup indeed.

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