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Colombia El Diviso Ombligon

Colombia El Diviso Ombligon

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  • Coffee details

    Region Huila
    Varietal Ombligon
    Elevation 1750 masl
    Process Natural
    Notes Kyoho Grapes, Sweet Liquorice, Strawberry Lassi, Cacao Nibs
  • Background

    Something really new and rare, we’re beyond excited to have this one on board our lineup.

    Ombligon is a relatively unknown arabica variety grown in Colombia. Like many other rare arabica varieties, the exact origins of Ombligon are unknown. Currently, Ombligon only grows in Huila, Colombia – a prominent producing region in the south west of the country. The name “Ombligon”, which translates from Spanish to English as “belly button”, comes from this variety’s unique shape.

    Ombligon is grown and produced at Finca El Diviso by Nector Lasso, a well known Colombian coffee producer who grows several different unique arabica varietals. It is believed that Ombligon is related to an Ethiopian heirloom variety and is a natural mutation. Producers in Huila, Colombia grow Ombligon at different altitudes, but between 1,600 and 1,800 m.a.s.l. tends to work best.

    During harvesting, the cherries are carefully hand-picked and those with an optimum maturity stage are selected. The cherries are put into an open plastic tank and left to oxidise for 48 hours. During these 48 hours, the coffee mossto is consistently being recirculated. The coffee is closely monitored and analysed to ensure that it is at 19 brix degree and then the PH doesn't fall under 5. The cherries are then transferred into a tank of cold water and those that remain floating are manually removed. Following that, the cherries undergo a thermal shock process with 50°C water to loosen their molecular structure and kickstart the fermentation process. They are put into airtight plastic bins and the anaerobic process begins. The cherries are then mechanically dried for approximately 12 hours to dehydrate as fast as possible. After reaching 18% moisture content, they are sealed in plastic bags in a dark room to stabilise over 2 days. Finally, the cherries are place in marquesinas to finish the drying process for approximately 15 days until reaching 10.5-11.5% moisture content.

    With its potential to produce incredible results in the cup, demand for Ombligon is likely to increase over the next few years – albeit at a very slow and steady pace. As this variety is currently only grown in Huila, Colombia, the ability to scale production is somewhat limited.
    An exciting cup to say the least, the flavours are endless with this one. We taste vibrant unmistakeable Kyoho grape upon the first sweet, cradled with the complexity of sweet liquorice. The creamy mouthfeel of strawberry lassi follows and lingers. The entire flavour and sensory experience is then supported by the sweet yet grounding flavours of cacao nibs. Truly an interesting one.

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