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Colombia Hacienda Mallorca

Colombia Hacienda Mallorca

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  • Coffee details

    Region Valle del Cauca
    Varietal Pink Bourbon
    Elevation 1600 masl
    Process Lactic Anaerobic Natural
    Notes Tangerine, Spiced Rum, Ruby Port
  • Background

    The work of fourth generation farmer, Santiago Londono, this coffee truly shined for us. Santiago believes that the production of speciality coffee is an art and science, and requires great passion throughout every step of the process.

    Ripe cherries are selected at 23 Brix, then hand sorted by colour. The cherries undergo 156 hours of fermentation inside sealed bags in a tank, placed in a temperature-controlled warehouse below 17°C. This encourages the production of lactic acid during fermentation. The coffee is then dried inside a de-humidifier chamber for three days, sundried for five days, rested in a refrigerated warehouse for four days, and finally sundried for another seven days until 11% moisture content is achieved.

    Reminding us of a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, the notes of tangerine and bourbon play beautifully on our tongues, followed by the refined sweet finish of Ruby Port.

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