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Ethiopia Gogugu Guji

Ethiopia Gogugu Guji

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  • Coffee details

    Region Oromia, Guji
    Varietal Dega, Kurume
    Elevation 1950 – 2220 masl
    Process Natural
    Notes Lychee, Cantaloupe, Honeysuckle
  • Background

    Another contender in our new season of beautiful Ethiopian single origins. Ethiopia Gogugu Guji, one of the most beautiful natural Ethiopians we’ve had. We’re honestly stoked to have this coffee on our lineup, just in time for the festive period!

    Located in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the highlands of Guji, Uraga is considered to be the most elevated coffee area in Ethiopia with an altitude of 2,220 meters. Gogugu Washing Station is located in the Wate Gogugu Village of the Uraga Woreda, the wet mill is run and managed by Kedir Jebril who has through the years specialized processing washed coffee lots in Uraga. Around 425 farmers deliver their red cherries to this wet mill through picking selectively in the morning and bring them in the afternoon for pulping.

    This particular lot is dried carefully and sorted meticulously on a raised African drying bed. The sun drying takes approximately 11 days and during peak hours of sunny daylight the coffee is covered from the enormous amounts of sunlight. This shielding serves to maintain a slow drying pattern. Finally, the coffee is stored at a local warehouse where hulling takes place before the final clean coffee is transported to an export dry mill in Addis Ababa.

    She put a smile on our faces, kid you not, it’s been a while since we’ve had natural Ethiopians like her. Upon the first sip, we get the beautiful and distinct note of lychee. This tropical sweetness then follows through with the richness of cantaloupe, cradled with the pleasing finish of honeysuckle. We like this one, we like her a lot.

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