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Guatemala Maria de Jesus Pablo

Guatemala Maria de Jesus Pablo

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  • Coffee details

    Region Mash, Huehuetanago
    Varietal Bourbon, Caturra
    Elevation 1750 masl
    Process Washed
    Notes Red Apple, Guava, Almond Praline
  • Background

    HUEHUE lookie here, our first Huehuetanago! Guatemala’s been a country of origin that’s been on our radar for the longest time here at Flip. We’ve been sourcing and searching for a very good Guatemalan single origin to have on our personal lineup and thanks to our friends at Shared Source, bless y’all, WE HAVE FOUND HER.

    This coffee comes from Maria de Jesus Pablo, who is a member of the ASODIETT cooperative, located in the township of Mash, in the Todos Santos Cuchumatán municipality in the department of Huehuetenango. The group was formed in 1995, and was formalized as an Association in 2010; they received their Cooperative status in 2017. Located along the skirts of the Rio Ocho, members’ farms have healthy soils and good growing conditions.

    This is a fully washed coffee from Maria and her daughter Carmen, from their 30 cuerda farm, planted with mostly green caturra and catimor that was initially planted 20 years ago! Maria’s husband has migrated to the US, and she processes coffee on her own, with some financial support from money sent back home. To process her coffee, she first picks ripe cherries, and de-pulps them in the de-pulper on the same day in the afternoon. The coffee is left to ferment for about 24 hours underneath a small amount of water in a tank that is regularly changed. Next, she washes the coffee, and leaves it for a period underwater- this is called a reposo- before washing it again in her channels, and taking it out to dry on a small patio near her house. It’s regularly moved around on the patio to ensure an even drying process.

    A lovely everyday drinking coffee for us, we don’t think we ever enjoyed another daily driver as much as this beauty. Red apples, right off the first sip, shining in all their vibrancy. This leads to a gorgeous tactile experience that reminds us of guava in the mouthfeel and finishes classily with notes of sweet almond pralines. We hope you enjoy her as much as we do!

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