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Indonesia Wanoja

Indonesia Wanoja

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  • Coffee details

    Region Kamojang, West Java
    Varietal Lini S, Sigararutang, Kartika, Typica
    Elevation 1300—1500 masl
    Process Natural
    Notes Banana Liqueur, Dried Mango, Muscovado
  • Background

    Grown by the Wanoja Coffee Farmers Group, “Wanoja” means “young woman” in the Sundanese language and got its name from its origin as a small group of female coffee farmers. It has prospered over the years, and today, Wanoja is served by a diverse collective of 65 members.

    During the harvest, only ripe cherries with good sugar content and fruit thickness are picked. The coffee is then dried under the sun with varying bed depth, depending on the weather conditions. The coffee is dried for 21 to 28 days until a moisture content of less than 12% is achieved. The coffee is rested for another two months before they are hulled and sorted based on size and density. They go through a final round of sorting by hand before packing and export.

    Truly a testament to how far Indonesian coffees have come, we chose this coffee for the almost punchy taste of banana liqueur paired with the tropical complexity of dried mango, finished with the deep richness of dark muscovado. One to remember indeed.

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