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Ethiopia Uraga Siko G1

Ethiopia Uraga Siko G1

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  • Coffee details

    Region Oromia, Guji
    Varietal Dega, Kurume
    Elevation 2100 – 2250 masl
    Process Washed
    Notes Yellow Florals, Mandarin, White Peach
  • Background

    And now, we usher in our season of beautiful Ethiopian coffees, starting with Uraga Siko G1. A coffee that reminds us to always be thankful for honest clean flavours, we are super excited to have her on our lineup. 

    Located in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the highlands of Uraga Woreda in the Guji Zone, Siko is a micro area before heading into Solomo town. Over the years, Siko has developed a distinguished reputation for producing one of the finest coffees in the Uraga Woreda. The combination of high altitude, fertile soil, plentiful rainfall as well as expert processing knowledge have yielded outstanding results. 

    Alemayehu Sali Washing Station is located in the Siko Village of the Uraga Woreda, the wet mill is run and managed by the man himself Alemayehu Sali who has through the years specialized processing washed and natural coffees in the Siko Village. Alemayehu Sali along with his brother have been working in the Siko village for over 7 years and is considered the first wet mill in the area. 

    This lot is a fully washed coffee with approximately 36-48 hours of fermentation time that yields a very good clarity of flavour and a bright acidity then soaked for 4 hours before drying on the African drying beds. 

    Her flavours, we taste upon the first sip, beautiful notes of mandarin coupled with the aroma of yellow florals. This then leads to the sweet lingering finish of white peach. She’s a page turner. 

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