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Colombia El Indio

Colombia El Indio

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  • Coffee details

    Region Planadas, Tolima
    Varietal Caturra
    Elevation 1500 - 2150 masl
    Process Natural
    Notes Mulled Grapes, Ruby Port, Muscovado
  • Background

    We tasted this lovely coffee at a cupping session hosted by our friends at Cofinet and immediately we knew we had to bring her in. This is a beautiful natural processed coffee, one that captures the true essence of today’s natural processed Colombian coffees.

    Produced by associations like Asopep and Ascisp, the Tolima region is currently one of the most productive coffee-growing regions in Colombia, with many notable representations in the Cup of Excellence and other coffee grading competitions. This coffee goes through a heavily monitored process and are placed on raised beds or concrete patios to achieve even, dry and correct moisture levels.

    Mulled grapes all over this coffee, ALL OVER. It’s like Christmas in our mouths, and this is further amplified by the sweetness of ruby port and followed by the rich complexity of dark muscovado in the finish. Truly one to remember.

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