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Aunty Uncle Blend 2.0

Aunty Uncle Blend 2.0

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  • Coffee details

    Region Carmo de Minas + Planadas, Tolima
    Varietal SL28 + Pink Bourbon
    Elevation 1100 - 1700 masl
    Process Natural + Washed
    Notes Milk Chocolate, Apricot, Butterscotch, Praline
  • Background

    65% Colombia Nolberto Olaya
    35% Brazil Santuario Sul


    You guys remember the first Aunty Uncle blend? It was an everyday espresso blend that we launched upon the opening of the shop! The concept of this blend was a long one in the making, birthed from the memories we collected over the years spent pulling other people’s coffee.

    It’s no secret that many house blends out there are modelled after the socially accepted “safe” tasting profile of coffee, catering to the mass market. “I don’t like acidity, I want something chocolatey and nutty.” “Eh, I don’t want sour one ah!” Common lines often heard by specialty coffee professionals day in day out, not just from our customers, but even from our parents or family members close to us.

    This led us to this. We’re proud to introduce to you, our Aunty Uncle Blend, the second variation! We designed this one to be an everyday drinking coffee, one that can be enjoyed by one and all. Brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, relatives, friends, acquaintances, pen pals, everyone can enjoy this one. A daily driver for sure, but still keeping in line with what we believe specialty coffee should be. This blend comprises 2 single origins, from Brazil and Colombia. It’s sweet, mellow, syrupy and readily enjoyable and available to all.

    As a black, we taste apricot and milk chocolate.
    As a white, we taste butterscotch and praline.

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