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Peru Guerrero Santos Walter

Peru Guerrero Santos Walter

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  • Coffee details

    Region Las Pirias, Chirinos
    Varietal Pache, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
    Elevation 1600 masl
    Process Anaerobic Natural
    Notes Candied Persimmon, Golden Syrup, Ripe Mango
  • Background

    Peru’s gonna be the next big thing, we’re sure of it. We’ve gone through some beautiful coffees from Peru in the past and this new addition to our everyday drinking lineup is no exception! Introducing Guerrero Santos Walter, a beautiful mixed varietal! 

    A bit more about this lovely coffee. Producer Don Walter Guerrero and his family live and work on the La Roca farm. The plot is very small with just 1.5 hectares of growing area and it is situated at just over 1600 masl. Don Walter recruits 6 additional employees to help during the harvest months of June to September. Coffee is grown at La Roca with a focus on sustainability. Trees are sown and placed in a method that avoids soil erosion and a system of shade trees are planted such as Guabas and Eucalyptus. As well protecting the coffee trees and the soil, shade trees increase the microbial activity of the soil. Organic fertilisers only are used including compost and island guano. Once cherries are picked it is washed and left to rest for 14 hours, they are then dried in low sunlight with frequent turning for 4 days then dried for a further 20 days before being stored. 

    The sensory experience. This coffee carries an extremely high level of sweetness. We taste the vibrant tropical burst of candied persimmon upon the first sip. This leads to the rounded complexity and sweetness of golden syrup. All this whilst the juiciness and fresh sweetness of ripe mango dance on our palettes. What an exciting coffee indeed. 

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